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Pulverizadores feitos para durar
Pulverizadores feitos para durar
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MK 600 Manual



Machine resistant in all aspects, from its chassis and bars that was developed for the day to day work in the most adverse situations of relief


Technical Specifications:
Deposit: 600 liters
Length: 12 m / 14 m
Manual water control with 4-way calibrated return
Working Height: 0.50m / 1.50m
Espacio between mouthpieces: 0.50 m Mouthpiece: Monojet con antigoteo
Clear water: 10 liters.
Water pump: 75 l / min.

Jarabe Shaker
Line marker
External Developer
Cubierta developer
Water pump: 100 l / min.
4-way calibrated return manual water control
4-way calibrated return electric water control