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Pulverizadores feitos para durar
Pulverizadores feitos para durar
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MK 2500 Horizontal


2518HC / 2521HC / 2524HC / 2527HC
Machine developed for high productivity performance and with the highest technology applied, both in structural matters and in its components and accessories.


Especificações técnicas:
Reservoir: 2500 liters
Length: 18m / 21m / 24m / 27m
Calibrated 2 or 4 way non-return manual water control
Working Height: 0.50m / 1.45m
Nozzle spacing: 0.50m
Nozzle Holder: Monojet / Trijet
Clean water: 150 liters
Water pump: 100 L / min – 150 L / min
Syrup Shaker

Line marker
2 or 4-way calibrated return manual water control
4-way calibrated return electric water control
4 way flow controller
GPS + Section Cut 4 and 7 Way Flow Controller